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Here you'll find all information pertaining to Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. Feel free to browse through our history and learn about how we started as an organization. You can read about which schools we are a part of and who currently governs the fraternity. Or, check out our newsfeed and stay up to date with our current blog posts and tweets from our Twitter account. If you would like to ask us a question, please stop by our contact page. We welcome you and thank you for visiting the official website of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc.
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Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc is an Asian-Interest fraternity based in the eastern United States. Nu Alpha Phi is based around seven fundamental principles (Brotherhood, Discipline, Leadership, Pride, Professionalism, Service, and Unity), which members use as stepping stones to personal growth.
  • Alpha Chapter
    Alpha Chapter
    University at Albany
    Albany, New York
    Established 1994
  • Beta Chapter
    Beta Chapter
    City University of New York
    New York City, New York
    Established 1996
  • Gamma Chapter
    Gamma Chapter
    Stony Brook University
    Stony Brook, New York
    Established 1997
  • Delta Chapter
    Delta Chapter
    University at Buffalo
    Buffalo, New York
    Established 1998
  • Epsilon Chapter
    Epsilon Chapter
    New York University
    Brooklyn, New York
    Established 2000
  • Zeta Chapter
    Zeta Chapter
    Binghamton University
    Vestal, New York
    Established 2002
  • Eta Chapter
    Eta Chapter
    Syracuse University
    Syracuse, New York
    Established 2007
  • Theta Chapter
    Theta Chapter
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Hoboken, New Jersey
    Established 2008